For the last couple weeks, I was looking for different ways on how to present information in a nice, easy to use way, so business people will understand it and It will look good. I am not a designer, but I see there is a huge space now for inforgraphics, especially interactive one. Modern browsers now support svg and canvas, and I think, it should be just enough for someone to create weird staff))) Anyway, I didn’t want to create anything by my own, I just had data I wanted to show and I was looking for agencies or freelance developers to provide me with nice interactive inforgrafics. The response I got was disappointed. 80% of companies came back with response that they can’t do it interactive in any way. Those who came with interactive, showed donut and bars charts. I sent an example of what I was looking for:


(All credits go to Martín Liveratore)

I was keen to learn Canvas, so ended up with PoC for custom charts.

What we want our charts to be:

  • Canvas. I know some people like svg, but I prefer Canvas. It works very well on any mobile device without any lags.
  • Should be responsive
  • Dynamic

I have picked the second chart on the top and this is how it looks:


Here is a source code:

There is still a lot to do, but it least It is possible and actually will take no more than couple hours to create one.

Keep an eye on the repo as I will be adding new charts soon.





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