This post will be short, but very helpful for someone who wants to bring data from SharePont online. As you can find in my previous posts, I was building SSIS package to bring Project Online data and everything was just perfect to be real))

I have build the whole package in about two days, together with documenting everything and trying to achieve the best performance, until I have reached the point of implementing Sync with every Project Site (just a SharePoint sub site). I have done it before, and I remember that it was easy, because I used SharePoint List Data Connectors for SSIS from here:

Guys put a lot of effort there, and I used those adapters in couple of my projects. It worked really well with Taxonomy fields and complex lookup fields, what I think makes those connectors the best out there. However, it doesn’t support SharePoint online.  I was so disappointed, so I started looking for other projects and I found another implementation, where SP Client Object model was used, but quality of data wasn’t good enough. Another approach was to create a script task and use web client to hit the service, but its like – why you need ssis then?

So, I decided to improve it a little bit to support SharePoint online, however decided to drop connection manager.

I didn’t want to recreate all that logic guys put together, so I just decided to get cookies using SP client side object model, and after set cookies container for all web requests to List.asmx/View.asmx.

The source code together with installers for x86/x64 is below. I have only leave installer for SQL 2012. Will try to bring the adapters for SQL 2014 when I have time.

09-02-2015 9-50-21 PM


Installers and Source code here:!29719&authkey=!AHBpPZYK1EhT1qI&ithint=file%2czip






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